Hello, I am

Greg Murray

Full Stack Software Engineer.

1. About Me

Hello! I'm Greg, a passionate Full Stack Software Engineer who embarked on this journey back in 2016. My adventure began while completing my Computer Science & Business Administration Double Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, where I discovered my love for building full stack solutions for the web and beyond.

My first project, Collective Reports, marked my entry into the domain of full stack development while I was still in 2nd year of university. Tasked with developing a comprehensive application for dental practices, this project was a gauntlet of rapid learning and invaluable mistakes. It was here I gained a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in building applications for the web.

Transitioning from my early experience into full time work, I found my path leading to the exciting and fast moving startup culture at a company now named Flowpoint Technologies. I spent 4 great years evolving a SaaS product from its infancy, working hard on the evolving codebase as the team grew around it. I had the unique opportunity to hone my skills not just technically, but strategically and operationally.

When I'm not working on my next side project, I like to spend my time outside doing activities such as rock climbing, skiing, and hiking. Although I grew up in Toronto, I'm currently based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, where I've found it is among the best places in the world to have these sorts of hobbies.

Here are a few exciting technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Typescript

  • NextJS

  • Golang

  • Docker

  • Python

HikingClimbingSkiingGreg at Skaha

Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah.

2. Skills






3. Projects

All (6)React (3)Typescript (3)Chakra UI (2)CI/CD (2)Firebase (2)Go (2)GraphQL (2)Oauth2 (2)SEO (2)CircleCI (1)Contentful (1)Cosmic CMS (1)DigitalOcean (1)Django (1)Figma (1)Gatsby (1)Google Cloud Platform (1)IOS Development (1)Javascript (1)Konva (1)Kubernetes (1)Netlify (1)NextJS (1)Nginx (1)Nodemailer (1)Objective-C (1)OpenAI (1)PayPal API (1)PostgreSQL (1)Python (1)Redis (1)Redux (1)Semantic UI (1)Swift (1)Team Leadership (1)Webhooks (1)Webpack (1)
Solely developed a comprehensive esports platform prototyped in Figma and implemented using NextJS, Chakra UI, and Firebase. Platform consisted of user and team registration, payment processing via PayPal, integration with Toornament Platform API, and publicly available real-time match and team information. Implemented secure and robust authentication using Oauth2 and managed backend operations with Google Firebase for data storage and serverless functions, facilitating user registration and invitations via email. Co-founded and incorporated a Canadian based esports league, establishing partnerships with leading esports entities and earning a guest speaker role at a Toronto college to discuss our journey and insights.


An esports platform prototyped in Figma, built with NextJS, Chakra UI, Firebase; features user/team registration, PayPal payments, Toornament API, real-time data, content from Cosmic CMS.

NextJSPayPal APIFirebaseOauth2FigmaChakra UIReactTypescriptCosmic CMSSEOGraphQLGo
The Job Application Tracker automates email screening and logging for job applications using Google Cloud's services and OpenAI's GPT-3. Emails arriving in Gmail trigger Cloud Pub/Sub, which activates a Cloud Run service to process the email. If identified as a job application response, details are logged into a Google Sheet. Changes in GitHub prompt Cloud Build to update the application by building a new Docker Image and pushing that image to the Container Registry, automatically deploying that new image to Cloud Run. In order to keep the Pub/Sub subscription active, a Cloud Scheduler cron is configured to do weekly subscription updates.

Job Application Tracker

An application tracker using Go, Docker, Gmail & Google Sheets APIs, and OpenAI's GPT-3 to classify and log job responses automatically. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform using Pub/Sub, Cloud Run, and Cloud Scheduler.

GoGoogle Cloud PlatformOpenAICI/CD
Designed and developed the landing page for Practice Porter, a web platform aimed at enhancing the efficiency of medical practice management. This project showcases a compelling introduction to the service, focusing on user engagement and clear presentation of its features and benefits. The application is built with Gatsby, Chakra UI, and Contentful as the CMS.

Practice Porter Landing Page

A landing page for Practice Porter built with Gatsby, Chakra UI, and Contentful, emphasizing user engagement and feature clarity. Practice Porter is a tool for enhancing medical practice management efficiency.

GatsbyContentfulGraphQLTypescriptSEOChakra UINetlifyNodemailer
R6CC is a web-based application dedicated to enhancing the strategic gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege players. It allows users to view, edit, and share detailed map callouts, facilitating better communication and strategy planning within the game. The platform supports interactive map viewing and custom callout editing.

R6CC: Rainbow 6 Callout Companion

R6CC is a web app for Rainbow Six Siege players to view, edit, and share map callouts, built with React, Redux, Firebase, Konva, and Ant Design.

ReactReduxFirebaseTypescriptKonvaWebpackSemantic UI
In a Third year Software Engineering project I was the iOS Team Lead, managing team of 12 designers and developers to build a Bluetooth Low Energy based chat app. Developed a majority of the core iOS Bluetooth cross platform compatibility protocol code as well as the Views Code for each function of the app.

Shout iOS App

iOS app leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy for local chat, developed with cross-platform compatibility, led a team managing 12 other developers.

SwiftIOS DevelopmentObjective-CBluetooth Low EnergyTeam Leadership
Service which automatically updates a user's Twitter Username and or Bio when they’re live on Twitch through the use of Twitch API and Webhooks. Built with a Django REST based backend and a React Frontend, it uses Oauth2 Twitch and Twitter authentication for login. 

Both Staging and Production servers hosted on DigitalOcean, with Production server running on a Kubernetes Cluster. The production deployment pipeline utilizes CirleCI for Continuous Integration and Deployment by pulling the master git branch, rebuilding the docker images and deploying to managed Kubernetes. The containers within the Cluster include Django, Celery, Nginx, Redis, PostgreSQL.


Automated service updating Twitter bio/username when live on Twitch, using Django, React, OAuth2, and webhooks. Hosted on DigitalOcean with Kubernetes, CI/CD via CircleCI.


4. Experience

Full Stack Software Engineer @ FlowPoint Technologies

Jan 2020 - Jan 2024

Began as the startup’s second employee, taking a front-line role in designing the company’s flagship application from the ground up using NextJS, AWS S3, PostegreSQL, Sendgrid, GraphQL, and Hasura for backend operations.

Instrumental in scaling the platform and codebase alongside a growing engineering team.

Achieved a 60% reduction in CI test run duration by driving CI/CD optimizations and implementation.

Architected and launched a pivotal scheduling system for reporting compliance, utilizing an event-based architecture powered by AWS SQS and EventBridge for enhanced reliability, efficiency, and auditability.

Developed an end-to-end Terraform deployment pipeline on Azure Kubernetes Services for multiple Python and Angular applications, incorporating Azure AGIC for secure traffic routing, Azure Key Vault for secret management, Ansible for Pod configuration, and Helm Charts for service deployment, including task queues, ingresses, and databases.

Full Stack Software Engineer @ Collective Reports

Aug 2016 - Jan 2020

Led the development of a financial management and employee accountability platform tailored for North American dental practices, leveraging Python framework Django with a PostgreSQL database hosted on Heroku and AWS RDS.

Prototyped and deployed the platforms frontend using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, and AngularJS.

Full Stack Software Engineer Intern @ Espresso Capital

Apr 2017 - Dec 2018

Lead developer of Django REST API integrating with accounting system backends such as Quickbooks, Xero, and Sage

Engineered and managed a Docker Swarm-based backend architecture on AWS for robust handling of push notifications using WebSockets and Pub/Sub mechanisms, orchestrated via AWS CloudFormation.

Developed a containerized NLP Sentiment Analysis system to forecast profitability, leveraging Docker to efficiently process workloads across multiple AWS EC2 instances.

Event Tech Coordinator, Operations @ Elevate Tech Festival

Sep 2017 - Oct 2019

Worked alongside the Core Tech Team, managing user registration pipelines through Universe, Google Sheets, and Zapier

Resolved data issues and performed analysis with python connected to Google Sheets

Configured and delivered mobile push notifications to specific groups in the festival to upwards of 10,000 people

Managed a team of 10 volunteers doing registration and customer service

Software Development Intern @ Rogers Communications

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

Enhanced performance by up to 15% for high-traffic Wordpress web applications such as OLN, CityTV, and FX Canada.

Implemented SSL on all Rogers Media Radio and Broadcast Sites, providing a secure experience for end users.

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